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Are you an employer looking for that ideal employee? Take a moment to make an online request and we will be calling you shortly.



Some of the most complex and costly problems facing small-to-medium size businesses and corporate leaders are those dealing with staffing requirements. Bernard Personnel is dedicated to helping unravel people problems. Assisting clients by quickly resolving the challenges of seasonal fluctuations, declining productivity, absenteeism, crash projects, and unplanned work loads. Bernard Consultants will quickly provide the support necessary to help eliminate these issue.

Bernard Personnel Can Serve Your Organization In The Following Ways:

  • Quickly Find That Perfect Temporary or Permanent Employee
  • Every Employee Is Guaranteed
  • 45 Minute Response Time
  • Expert Employment Consultants

So gather the following information and contact the Bernard office nearest you or fill out our Employee Request form. This one call will immediately activate Bernard's total resources. Our staff will immediately jump upon your request, scouring our extensive database of qualified employees to find a perfect match. Within 45 minutes you will receive a call with the name of your temporary employee.

  • Job Title
  • Length Of Assignment
  • Starting Date
  • Working Hours
  • Who To Report To
  • Department
  • Location Of Job
  • Skills Required
  • Duties
  • Mode Of Dress Or Other Personal Restrictions

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