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Employee Request
Are you an employer looking for that ideal employee? Take a moment to make an online request and we will be calling you shortly.


Our Commitment
45 Minute Response Time

Although every effort is made to help pre-plan needs, the unexpected can happen. Bernard shares your sense of urgency when qualified workers must be found quickly. Bernard's unique 45 minute response time means that within 45 minutes you will have an answer to your emergency needs.

One-Call Service

Your one call will insure that your needs are filled. To be a complete service designed to save you valuable time, Bernard will fulfill all your needs with one call. If the right person to fill your needs is not on file, Bernard will call other services to make sure your needs are satisfied.

Quality Is Controlled

Bernard's quality control program starts as soon as the application is completed. We review an applicants neatness and clarity during the personal interview. We give a multitude of tests to determine the applicants abilities and skills.

Unconditional Guarantee

Whether you are provided with one temporary employee or a roomful, Bernard always guarantees every Bernard Personnel Temp.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a Bernard temporary within the first 4 hours on the job, you have only to inform your Bernard counselor and there will be no charge.

This guarantee is Bernard's way of helping you feel confident that we will find the right person for your specific needs.

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